Wombat Coats

Wombat coats belong on wombats!


Wombat Coats


Wombat is an Australian animal; the fur is either brown and white or silver gray and white mixed. The silver gray shade is considered the best. These coats are steadily growing in favor, as they are very durable and warm. Our silver gray is very choice, made entirely from the gray part of the skin, and contains very few white spots.


The Monkey is confused. The Monkey has a friend named Fred who is a wombat.

Fred looks nothing like the guy in the picture above, who clearly is not a wombat.

Here is a picture of my friend Fred the Wombat.

Fred the Wombat - a friend The Monkey hopes has not been turned into someone else's coat!

Wait a minute……

Oh No! I better call Fred and see if he’s okay!!!


4 thoughts on “Wombat Coats

  1. Venette

    I love you Monkey! You make me laugh. That’s not necessarily why I love you but it is a perk. The Monkey is my friend.

  2. The Monkey Post author

    No wombats were hurt in the production of this blog! I called Fred the Wombat and he is fine!

    The Monkey has no control over what advertisements appear.

    The Monkey hopes they will generate a few sheckles to cover bandwith.

  3. Venette

    I’m screamng! Monkey – did you add the google ads for coats?

    Monkey maybe a new Random Quote : ” No wombats were hurt in the production of this blog.”

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