2 thoughts on “Uncle Boris Likes The Ladies #37

  1. David Marc Klein

    This is a painting, not an actual photo. The woman in the chair is a young Zelda Schwartz. She was never painted showing her full face because of a rather large blemish on her nose. She was also very allergic to animals, so it is very doubtful that any creature with hair would be in the same room with her.

    In order to hide the blemish, Zelda would wear a veil that made her look like exotic dancer. She also worked as an exotic dancer to help pay the bills. With a voice like an angel, audiences would flock to see her. However, she always sang with a veil and lots of pearls. Zelda resembled Mata Hari a bit.

    Zelda was also a great tenor banjo player. Her recording of Istanbul (not Constantinople) is a classic.

    She was also a champion gas passer. That Zelda had many talents.

    Zelda passed away at the young age of 34. No one knows why, but she did. However, she did die looking at this painting. It remains a mystery what this painting meant to Zelda.

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