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Uncle Boris,The Monkey, Bananas, And Reality

Uncle Boris And The Monkey“Uncle Boris, why are we sitting on the edge of this banana crater?”

“All the world, all the galaxies, all reality is nothing more than bananas. If we fell into the crater we would be bananas landing on bananas.”

“But Uncle Boris, that doesn’t make sense.”

“Sense is only another word for bananas”

“So if everything, even abstract concepts are nothing more than bananas life seems to be pointless.”

“It is pointless and that should give you a sense of freedom.”

“But what should I do with my life? How shall I spend my days?”

“Try eating more bananas.”



Uncle Boris And The Boris-Tones – Behind The Music

Uncle Boris And The Boris-TonesUncle Boris, though not limited by time and space, still had to make a living.

Uncle Boris loved music and Uncle Boris knew the ladies loved music and Uncle Boris likes the ladies so starting a band seemed like a good idea.

It was the ’60’s and Uncle Boris formed “The Boris-Tones.” Uncle Boris met the other four musicians while attending an interpretive dance performance. The dance piece was called “I Gave You Marmalade To Show You I Care.” The choreographer said the piece was inspired by the lives of Sacco and Vanzetti.

When asked what marmalade had to do with Sacco and Vanzetti the choreographer replied, “I’m an artist and I do not have to justify my work.”

The quartet accompanying the performance was excellent and Uncle Boris approached them after the show. Uncle Boris convinced them to explore the possibility of creating music that was both inspired and had commercial appeal.

They practiced for several months in the back room of Enrico’s Proletariat Paradise, an army surplus store owned by the bass player who was named Sebastian. Sebastian liked the name Enrico and it was his store so he could call it anything he liked.

Their first and only performance was legendary. Uncle Boris played violin. Uncle Boris didn’t know how to play the violin but the audience was so high it didn’t seem to matter.

The entire show consisted of one extended piece called “I Love You So Much I Could Fling My Poop.”

Sadly, for an encore, the band did indeed show the audience how much they loved them.