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Donuts Are A Wonderful Energy Food For Active Children

Donuts Are A Wonderful Energy Food For Active Children

A single donut (weighing 1.28 .oz) contains 152 calories compared to:

spinach – 4 servings

cantaloupes – 1 1/2

asparagus – 15 stalks

tomatoes – 5

This illustrates the tremendous advantage to the housewife who has to pay high prices for foods which can be replaced by a single donut to provide the necessary calorie needs of her family.

Monkey Grip Sizzle Vulcanizing Patches

Monkey Grip Sizzle Vulcanizing Patches


The Monkey once fell of a bicycle. The bicycle was fine after the fall. The Monkey was not.

“Ouch!” said The Monkey.

“Where does it hurt?” asked a concerned Uncle Boris.

“On a body part I’d rather not discuss!” said The Monkey. “I think I might need stitches but  after paying my health insurance premium I can’t afford the copay to see a doctor!”

“Not to worry,” said Uncle Boris. “Let me get a Monkey Grip Sizzle Vulcanizing Patch.”

“The bicycle tires are fine.” said The Monkey.

“The patch ain’t for the bicycle!” said Uncle Boris.

“Is this a good idea? The instructions on the can say to scrape the area to be patched, place the patch on and then light it with a match!” said The Monkey.

“Close your eyes and think of England.” replied Uncle Boris.


The above story is a dramatization.

The moral of this story is that The United States should eliminate the medical insurance industry and adopt National Health Care. It works in other developed countries where the government is not bought and owned by corporate interests.