3 thoughts on “Living A Balanced Life #21

  1. David Marc Klein

    Ah yes, a young Rabbi Mark Bloom demonstrates the automatic zipper closing device. The young Rabbi was a wonderful inventor, learning his trade from MIT in Boston. He had an idea that would help men who had troubles opening and closing their zippers. The men would climb on to the top bar and attach a wire to their zipper. They would then move back and forth. This didn’t look to good from an innocent bystanders, so the young Rabbi didn’t push to have his device manufactured.

    One day, Uncle Boris was walking by and he noticed his zipper was down. He decided to climb on top of the device and close his zipper. He attached the wire to his zipper and moved back and forth. WOW, did Boris have fun. Rabbi Mark walked out and noticed Boris and had a great idea. The Monkey Bars was invented. The young Rabbi began manufacturing Monkey Bars for schools around the country and became a millionaire. He did give Boris a royalty check every year for $20,000.00.

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