One thought on “From The Work Of Michael Maier #2

  1. David Marc Klein

    The only known picture of Zahlman and Dvora Budginski. Both were highly intelligent and very musical. She was both a gifted singer and keyboardist and he played the trombone and tenor tuba. Because they lived in a very warm part of Spain, they very often wore little or no clothing at all. He had a very peculiar way of carrying bagels back to their home. Because they both came from extreme wealth, working was not an issue. They gave heavily to education and the arts. They also owned a nudist arts colony in Northern France. During the winter, they would post a sign that reads CLOTHED FOR THE WINTER.

    Dvora had an interest in the Japanese Banana tree. A very rare tree, she is said to have written a song about the Japanese banana, but the song was lost.

    Boris wanted to meet them, but he refused to take off his pants at the nudist colony. He was a bit prudish.

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