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How To Plant A Tree

How To Plant A TreeThe Monkey is confused. These instructions for planting a tree begin with step #2. Is step #1 digging a hole for the tree or is step #1 getting a tree for planting? How many steps are there really?

Though confused, The Monkey is also happy this lovely lady is planting a tree. She seems to know what she is doing. Maybe she is Mother Nature. If so, who knew Mother Nature wore an apron?


A Modern Tree Mover

A Modern Tree Mover


Fig. 78. A Large Tree being moved by a Modern Tree Mover, showing Root Formation.

The Monkey is confused. Is a Modern Tree Mover used for moving Modern Trees? That tree looks kind of old. And if the machine is a Modern Tree Mover it doesn’t look very modern either. Or maybe the guy sitting on top of the tree is a Modern Tree Mover?

Uncle Boris, where are you? I need answers!