Manure – Birth Place Of Flies


Manure Birth Place Of Flies Manure   Birth Place Of Flies


Flies hatch in manure or rubbish, live upon all that is filthy, and then come to our tables and get into our food.


“Happy New Year!” says The Monkey

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4 Responses to Manure – Birth Place Of Flies

  1. Terry Murray says:

    At first, I read this as “Manure – Birth Place of FILES.” Mine, anyway.

  2. David Marc Klein says:

    Is this where the phrase “someone cut the cheese” comes from?

  3. Moishe’s Manure Factory was known for producing the finest manure and in mass quantities too. One day a jealous competitor put cheese in the animal feed and Moishe almost went out of business. The always resourceful Moishe bought all the day-old prune hamentashen in town and soon business was booming as usual.

  4. David Marc Klein says:

    Ah yes, this brings back memories of Moishe’s Manure Factory.

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